Walls at the very core play a huge role in showcasing the personality and mood of any space, be it commercial or residential.

Whether it is creating an accent wall or updating the mood of a room, decorators are spoilt for choice by exploring either wallpapers or stick to old-school methods such as paints. And honestly, the choices can be overwhelming.  

Going with paint is perhaps the easy way out – but don’t finalise your decision until you read the next 5 points. You might learn something surprising.

Wallpaper is design-friendly

The best part about wallpapers are that there are endless designs, multitude of shades, and a variety of texture for you to pick from in the Malaysian market. In fact, you even have the option to customize the wallpaper to fit your need thanks to the advancement in digital printing. You can now have walls that is finished with your corporate identity or perhaps have your favorite shades customized into your favorite design for your feature wall. Also, wallpaper providers are equipped with the technology to show you how your design would look like before you actually commit to it.

It surprisingly can last longer

Most of the wallpaper available in the market are vinyl-coated wallpapers and these tops the list where resiliency is key. So, in case you are looking for a durable option, vinyl-coated wallpaper may be the choice you are looking for. Just in case you accidentally slam the door too hard against a painted wall, you will notice the paint will chip off. However, a good quality wallpaper is more likely to withstand the impact. Modern day wallpapers are also convenient in terms of maintenance as light stains and dust can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

It is relatively cheaper

You get what you pay for when choosing between wallpaper and paint. A general sweep across costs will show you that paint is cheaper than wallpaper. However, a meticulous cost-benefit analysis will reveal to you that a good-quality wallpapers is definitely a better friend to your wallet than plain old paint. The reason beings it multiple benefits but mostly its durability, especially if you are not the type to redecorate every year.

Less time consuming

Wallpaper installation are less time consuming compared to painting. When painting, you will need to apply multiple layers for a perfect finish. As for wallpapers, installation turnarounds are generally faster, provided your wall is prepped well to receive wallpaper. And even if not, minor touch-ups usually do the trick. Remember, you are covering the wall – including all of its imperfections – with another layer.

Environmentally friendlier

This is a no-brainer. Both wallpaper and paint are mass-produced. But with wallpaper, wastes are inadvertently reduced because most, if not all the wallpaper material will be used. However, with paint, there is usually a large amount of leftover. Furthermore, many wallpaper producers are now more environment-conscious and are producing more eco-friendly wallpapers that comes with ISO14009 Environmental Management certification.

Walls are better protected with wallpaper and the design options are virtually unlimited!

When you are working on your next project, you may want to pay closer attention to the advantages of wallpaper. Start small with a few feature walls that can be papered – remember designs are aplenty to complement any decorating direction you may be considering.

Often is just about choosing the right material for the right space, as well as ensuring proper installation by expert installers to get a wall that looks great and lasts long. Of course, good old paint does the job too, but with wallpaper it can be a job beautifully well done.

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