The office space is key to a business’s ability to appeal to the client and to enhance employee efficiency. It essentially involves threading a fine line between work and play. Therefore, setting up office spaces often require careful deliberation, which includes the type of flooring used.

Carpet is a clever way of adding warmth, tone and texture to the office space. However instead of wall to wall carpet cover, carpet tiles seem to be the norm where office space is concerned.

Also known as modular carpet, carpet tiles are essentially carpet cut out in a specific shape, most often in squares, which are joined together to form a full floor cover. The reason why carpet tiles are ideal for offices includes but is not limited to the following 5 reasons;

1. Convenient Installation

Installation of carpet tiles is easy as it is modular flooring system that is glued onto the floor

Carpet tiles are ideal for projects under time constrain. It can be moved and installed easily due its modular shape and small size warranting minimal manpower. Furthermore, the tiles are already in a specific shape and is designed to fit together. Therefore, time is not wasted on cutting and fitting the carpet tiles.

2. Removable and replaceable

Carpet tiles is the pre-emptive solution you never knew you needed to curb wear and tear issues. Since the carpet tiles are all individually fitted, damage or stains to a specific tile can be easily removed and rectified. In any case the damage is irreversible, all you need to do is replace it with a new tile. It’s like the damage never happened!

3. Cost-savvy

If you are looking for something budget friendly, then carpet tiles are the way to go. You will be able to save on professional installation cost since it does not involve waste, is easy to transport and does not consume much storage space. Carpet tiles also does not involve much associated costs given its benefits therefore an absolute value for money.

4. Durable

Carpet tiles are made of multiple layers, ensuring excellent dimensional stability and the ability to withstand high foot traffic

The nature of carpet tiles is such that it is designed for high traffic. Carpet tiles are usually placed upon a layer of engineered backing to withstand pressure. As such, the durability of carpet tiles can extend for years with proper upkeep no matter the load. Its reduced susceptibility to wear and tear also warrants high performance over the years.  

5. Rich in designs

Functional benefits aside, carpet tiles are also aesthetically appealing. Whether you intend your office space to be minimalistic or warm and cosy, you can always browse through the variety of designs offered by carpet tiles to suit your need. The Malaysian market does not lack where design is concerned especially with brands such as Modulyss, Amazon and Essensa.

Carpet tiles technology have advanced to the point it can provide a seamless look, as if using a broadloom carpet

An average individual spends 1/3 of their life, which is approximately 90,000 hours at work. If you have 10 employees, that is 900 000 hours combined. Such high number of hours need to backed by highly performing flooring at the office. On that note, carpet tiles are highly recommended.

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