Carpet tiles is a modern spin-off to traditional wall-to-wall carpets except it provides more advantages especially for commercial spaces.

One of the leading manufacturers, designer and supplier of carpet tiles all over the world is Modulyss, As a matter of fact, Modulyss happen to be the pioneer in commercial-grade carpet tile industry. With up to 25 years of experience in the trade, Modulyss have graced the floors of various commercial spaces including airports and offices internationally.

Have you heard of the BALTA Group?

BALTA Group is a big name for those familiar with the industry. For those who have not heard of them, the BALTA Group is a Belgium based integrated production group with products ranging from yarn to carpet. Modulyss is actually a subsidiary of the BALTA Group, with over 95 stores all over the world.

Modulyss is claimed to remain true to its preaching, as evidenced by testimony from former customers. Its products top-notch at the same time not too taxing to the wallet. Impeccable service with value exceeding expectations.

Modulyss Patchwork
PATCHWORK Collection – the detailing quality of Modulyss Carpet Tiles is something to behold

Where Design Meets Flexibility

Designs by Modulyss are aesthetic driven but more than that, it is also functional and diverse. Modulyss offer distinct stories to their design, each with its own narrative. They also provide due consideration to designers and architects by developing ideas and concepts that aid proposal for a specific space.

The array of patterns, colours and structures available makes it possible for any and every space. Modulyss designs are ever-changing according to the trend and demands of the current market therefore remains relevant to the community at all times. Most of the time setting trends themselves.

High Quality Guarantee

The integrity of Modulyss as a brand does not just lie on its creative design, but also its immaculate premium quality. Modulyss ensures safety and sustainability of their carpet tiles via its very own in-house and third-party certification program. Modulyss confidence on its product is so immense they provide a 15 year guarantee.

Modulyss Fluid&
Fluid& Collection – this collection possesses a wonderful sense of fluidity and movement, elevating the look of office and hospitality spaces.

Green-friendly Production

Though the cherry on top has to be the fact that Modulyss places a significant amount of emphasis in ensuring their materials remain a friend to the environment. Modulyss is committed to protecting the environment, which means they are highly selective with the materials they choose.

Carpet tiles within the Malaysian market are mostly PVC-backed. PVC-backed carpet tiles are usually harder to recycle, therefore end up accumulating in landfills. However, carpet tiles by Modulyss are PVC-free, made possible through its modified Bitumen formulation as backing. Besides, Modulyss as a European brand is compliant with the green standards set in Europe, where PVC has been banned due to environmental reasons.

Modulyss products are available exclusively in Malaysia via Abitare, get in touch with us for further details and purchasing options. 

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