Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

What kind of products do you carry?

We mainly deal in soft interior furnishing such as Carpets, Rugs, Wallpaper, Vinyl, SPC, Laminates and Wainscoting.

Do you keep stocks of your products?

We do not keep stocks directly, but have access to large volumes of stocks in Malaysia that we can make available and move swiftly.

Do you provide product samples?

Yes. We work with out panel teams that can be mobilized quickly to anywhere in the country within a reasonable time frame.

Do you do overnight work?

Sure. We have done countless overnight installation projects to minimize disruption to an operating site. Such projects however will incur additional labor charges.

How do I engage your service?

It’s easy! Just contact us with your requirements and we will come to you with relevant designs and samples. No obligations!