Hotel lift lobby wallpaper

The hotel industry is among the key player within the larger service industry. The credibility of a hotel lies prominently on customer satisfaction. Service apart, a tastefully designed hotel is often rated higher.

Wallcoverings in the hotel play an important part in setting the ambiance and dimension to a hotel space besides showcasing its personality. Beyond design, it is also important to consider wallcoverings with added long-term benefits to ease operation and boost hotel value. The ideal form of wallcovering would be fabric-backed wallpaper for the following reasons:

1.More durable against wear & tear

Vinyl wallpapers are some of the toughest wallpapers around. However, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper takes it up a notch. These commercial-grade wallpapers are extremely difficult to destroy. It is highly sturdy and less prone to wear and tear, ideal for the hotel setting, especially one with high traffic

2. Easy maintenance

Maintaining a hotel can be extremely tricky and tedious, what more one with high traffic. Luckily, fabric-backed wallpapers do not demand for heavy maintenance. Stains and debris can be easily removed with a damp cloth or light brushing without worrying about destroying the surface of a fabric-backed wallpaper. 

Wallcovering in hotel room behid the head board
The entire room is enhanced even with a single piece if wallpaper behind the headboard

3. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

A huge part of the hotel industry lies on cleanliness. Therefore, the slightest bit of fungus and bacteria infestation is definitely bad news. Among the benefit of using a fabric-backed wallpaper is that it is usually anti-fungus and anti-bacteria unless there is a risk of continuous moisture exposure. Otherwise, it is usually contaminant and moisture resistant. Besides health benefits, it also saves you the cost that follows.

4. Fire Rated

Fabric-backed wallpapers are also a form of safety mechanism in case of a fire. Most of the fabric-backed wallpaper, including ones offered in Abitare are fire rated. It may not necessarily stop the fire, but it can delay the spread of fire just in time for occupants to seek shelter.

5. Faster refurbishment turnaround

Refurbishment is an important process involved in the hotel industry. One at which the longer time is spent, the more opportunity cost is incurred. With paper-backed wallpapers, it is usually difficult to remove and may tear, resulting in need for residues to be scraped off, increasing wall-prep time as well as cost. However, removal of fabric-backed wallpapers can be done quick and clean in a single pull avoiding tears and with minimal residue left behind. This will save you wall prep time as well as cost. Fabric-backed wallpaper is a great way in curbing the loss credits to its faster refurbishment turnaround. Furthermore, you probably do not need to refurbish for a good decade after.

Fabric back wallpaper in the hotel corridor
Hotel corridor walls surely need fabric back wallcovering protection

With these in mind, fabric-backed wallpaper is obviously the most reasonable form of wallpaper for the hotel industry. Plenty of design, value for money and complementary added benefits, there is no reason why fabric-backed wallpaper should not be the go-to.

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