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Vinyl flooring is an increasingly popular flooring option among commercial and residential spaces for various reasons. Albeit beneficial, there is a major concern that needs to be addressed. That is, NOT ALL VINYL FLOORING IS THE SAME.

Vinyl flooring is manmade therefore is subjected to the use of chemicals. Some are more harmful than the others, especially those high in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

What is VOC?

Are you familiar with the smell of a new car or the smell of a felt tip pen? Well, what you are smelling is not the smell of the product, it is the smell produced by VOC.

VOC is a form of gas released into the air as several products age and deteriorate.  VOCs are generally inevitable as most of the products within a commercial space such as paint, cleaning supplies, flooring among others tend to release VOC. However, VOC when exists in surplus may pose a harm to the health of occupants within the space, causing worsening of allergies, asthma, headache, infections and to some even cancer.

Vinyl is among VOC-releasing products. Commercial spaces intending to choose vinyl flooring need to be cautious as flooring makes up the entire space, therefore may cause large release of VOC.

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As most vinyl flooring are used indoors, be mindful of its origin and certifications. There’s no such thing as being too safe!

What are some types of VOC-releasing chemicals in vinyl flooring?

Some of the common chemical components found in vinyl flooring include:

  • Phthalate

Phthalates are commonly found in common items such as liquid soap by the sink. Phthalate is also often used to increase strength and endurance of materials. Vinyl flooring especially is high in phthalate and may be harmful to individuals with asthma.

  • Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is also another common chemical component. It is often used in construction materials such as adhesives and fiberboards. High concentration of formaldehyde may trigger nose and throat irritation.

Nevertheless, not all vinyl flooring is the same. There is something called a FloorScore certification that could help with assessing the risk of different types of vinyl flooring.

What is FloorScore Certification?

Floorscore Certification
Ensure the Vinyl Flooring you purchase comes with a FloorScore Certification that ensures indoor air quality safety.

FloorScore certification is a world recognized certification to help assess safety and cleanliness of flooring products. It especially ensures that the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is free from toxins and harmful substances. Vinyl flooring with FloorScore certification is generally safe for consumers. FloorScore certification is important for commercial spaces, especially when the health and safety of co-workers, customers and associates are at stake.

In summary, be mindful of the type of vinyl flooring chosen. Always check the chemical components of the chosen vinyl flooring and ensure that it has a FloorScore Certification. The air that you or your customer inhale today may have a significant impact on you or your customer’s health much later.

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