As one of the most fashionable pieces of interior finishes, wallpapers are perhaps the best way to add texture, colour and mood to a space. Once upon a time limited to analogue printing and mass-production with limited choices, wallpapers now offer a new form of autonomy to the consumer.

Modern times have brought us technology that make is possible to customise wallpapers to suit your taste. All thanks to the wonders of digital printing, you can now have a custom wallpaper with the image of your company logo or your dance portrait as feature wall of your dance studio.

The emergence of digitally-printed wallpaper around the world, including Malaysia could be credited to the introduction of cutting-end printing technology. The technology is equipped with printing features such as enhanced image resolution, larger range. The benefits of digitally-printed wallpapers are aplenty, among which include:

Personalised Design

With digitally-printed wallpaper made possible, every space has a personality of its own. You no longer have to deal with repeated printed design Owners are seeking to wow customers with the aesthetics provided by digitally-printed wallpaper. Digital printing also provides owner jurisdiction over their space’s design.

No Limitation

There are endless possibilities where digitally-printed wallpapers are concerned. You are not limited in terms of colour and design nor do you have to compromise in quality. The change for creativity is handed to you. Whether it’s a high resolution photographic image, an ombre effect or analogue design printed digitally, you are able to space according to your vision.

Quick Production

Digitally printed wallpapers can be produced quickly whether it’s for a cafe requiring low-volume or a large company requiring high-volume. There is no minimum imposed. Short timelines will not pose a threat as digital printing technology is well equipped to handle the steep demands of clients.

Reduce Wastage

Digitally printed wallpapers are not mass-produced and does not impose a production minimum. Furthermore, there is no need for storing large amount of stocks. Therefore, there is less waste involved therefore making it an environmental-savvy choice.

Simple Installation

Digitally installed wallpaper does not involve complex installation. Like any other installation, some are available with self-adhesive glue or may be installed with a wallpaper glue.

Hence, there is simply no explanation why digitally printed wallpapers should not be your go-to-choice for your space. After all, the benefits are plenty and you get to add a touch of yourself to your space.

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