Vinyl is a reliable and long-lasting flooring option, known for its durability and convenience. Over the recent years, it has become a popular option based on the variety of colour options, texture profiles and realistic style choices. Once considered as an affordable alternative, vinyl flooring has now become a sough-after option for commercial spaces.

Though durable, vinyl floorings are not ageless and are subjected to wear and tears. But there are measures to further prolong the lifespan of vinyl floor by regularly maintaining it. Here are a few pro-level tips for you to consider.

Clean Regularly

Commercial spaces are often high traffic with constant footfall, which also means it is filled with dirt and dust. But some simple cleaning methods could help. Sweep or vacuum daily to remove dusts and dirt from daily traffic. It will also be beneficial to mop weekly using a suitable detergent to remove stubborn dirt and dust that could no be removed through sweeping or vacuuming. Be sure that the detergent used aren’t too abrasive or heavy-duty as it might react and weaken the protective wear layer.

Use a doormat

If vinyl floors had mortal enemies, it would be dirt and chemicals. The most basic of things can expose vinyl floors to dirt and chemicals, such as your shoes. Walking on the vinyl floor without wiping your shoes could cause the vinyl floor to become yellow over time. The solution is also quite basic – use a doormat. Since doormats are designed to remove dirt and grimes, it is best to leave one at each and every door and entrance if possible.

Remove stains immediately

In any case you accidentally spill your coffee on the vinyl floor, you will need to clean it immediately before it leaves a stain. In fact, do not let any form of liquid remain for a long time and dry down. It may seep down the edges and weaken the strength of the glue holding the vinyl to the ground. If you do spill that cup of coffee, do not worry. There are non-invasive cleaning agents that can be used to clean such as dish soap, vinegar, WD-40, alcohol, baking soda among many others

Use protective feet for heavy objects

Use protective feet for heavy objectsHeavy furniture and devices, when placed on vinyl floor could cause surface dents or abrasion. The acute pressure caused by unprotected furniture legs may mar the surface of the vinyl floor. Furthermore, when you place heavy furniture at a single spot for a long time, for example the office refrigerator, it may cause a dent to the vinyl flooring beneath. But using a protective pad for the object could minimise the occurrence of indentations and scratches. Protective furniture pads can be easily bought at a hardware

Keep heat away

Avoid leaving heating appliances or substances on the floor as heat can damage vinyl floors, including vinyl tiles, causing irreversible damage. Prolonged exposure to heat may create a dent on the floor and/or discolour the vinyl floor. So, it is best to avoid heat at all cost, whether its heating elements or direct sunlight.

As you can tell by now, vinyl floorings are generally easy to maintain. Most of the steps described here are mainly preventive measures to avoid damage and further extend the durability of vinyl floorings. Follow these steps and you can look forward to years and years of worry-free use, while keeping the vinyl almost as good as new.

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