Hand-tufted carpet. Just the name sounds regal, like it’s the kind of carpet meant for kings. Its history, like its name is also rich. A quick Google search on the origin of hand-tufted carpet would reveal confusing results – with origins traced back to prehistoric nomadic tribes, Egytian-Romans and even native South Americans.

Nevertheless, hand-tufted carpets are indeed one of the most luxurious, creative and artistic form of carpets available in the market. Used primarily in premium spaces such as 5-star hotels, palaces, exclusive lounges and high-end residences, hand-tufted carpets perfectly fuse age-old opulence with modern luxury.

The king of the carpet world if you must. The lavishness of hand-tufted carpets can be attributed to several factors.

The Hand-Tufting Process

Tufting generally refers to forming a sort of three-dimensional façade on textile. The hand-tufting process itself is one that is highly unique, depending on the type of yarn incorporated. The fine motifs and detailing process is also individualised, designed to fit the vision you may have for your space. Furthermore, the finishing techniques, which includes carving, beveling, shearing among others are also done to your preference. Hand-tufting is not all hand work, it also involves the use of machinery.

First, the design. Once the design is finalized, it is transferred on to a tracing paper. The tracing paper is then projected onto a stencil to emulate the real-life size of the hand-tufted carpet. At the same time, the yarn content is being prepared. Once all of those is done, specialised technicians begin work on the

Its Unique Value

Hand-tufted carpets are custom-made. You get to pick the shape, size, color, design, the details, the surface type and the finishing. You literally bring the vision you have for your space to live with the aid of specialised technicians (more like craftsman or artist). For these reasons, your space is more likely to be

The Benefits

Hand-tufted carpets are highly durable and generally last long. The final product will have no seams. The hand-tufted carpet is also designed to fit a specific area, therefore reducing wastes. Is no doubt that hand-tufted carpets are one of a kind. Whether it’s a bespoke area or a public room, hand-tufted carpets will definitely bring your vision to life. At the same time offer a sense of luxury and uniqueness.

At Abitare, we have been delivering hand-tufted carpets for some of the most iconic projects in Malaysia for over a decade. We work with some of the finest hand-tufting facilities in the world and can offer your space the one-of-a-kind finishing touch it deserves.

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