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LOHAS Korean Wallpaper Collection is the ideal Eco-Friendly wallpaper series for your wall. This wallpaper for the wall is created from natural resources such as corn starch extract, and Feel the goodness of nature.

It is focused exclusively to improve durability and enhance wallpaper quality.
This Korean wallpaper for decor is a double coating layer that draws in and decomposes harmful substances in the room to make a clean and safe living space.

LOHAS PLA *coating wallpaper for walls uses USA’s Natureworks PLA which is starched from Natural Corn.
Besides, this Korean Wallpaper for walls is applied with an Antifungal functional layer. This wallpaper has a Plant-based resin (PLA) coating made from Natural Corn. Additionally, Lohas Korean Wallpapers for walls are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions.

This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.6M(L), which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account minor wastages.