HERA VOL.5 6077-2

The Art Of Style. Consisting of 3 different unique themes.

OASIS OF CALM- A Space Full of Energy. We attempt to make spaces more comfortable or create private refuges through the use of partitions, bright natural colors to soothe the mind, soft and warm textures, and patterns and colors that conjure up scenes of nature.

LUXE LOUNGE – The Dignity of a Hotel at Home. Soft and refreshing colors breathe new life into an everyday space. A calm, simple fabric texture or modern geometric patterns were used to reproduce the space of rest created through simplicity.

URBAN CHIC DESIGN FOR STAYCATIONS – A place of Thought and Inspirations.

This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.6M(L) which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account of minor wastages.